February 5th, 2019

My desire to be able to run my plugin didn’t come through even today. I uninstalled Java 11 and installed 8. It turns out that I need the same version of IntelliJ IDEA as my Android Studio to be able to run the plugin. Now, I have to installed the older version of IntelliJ IDEA.

And finally it worked.

February 4th, 2019

An action is basically what happens when you click on a toolbar or a menu item.

Write an Android Studio Plugin Part 1: Creating a basic plugin

I set out to learn how to develop plugin for JerBrains IDE. Initially, I have issue figuring out path to my Android Studio installation for Linux. I figured it out eventually and it is supposed to be following.

alternativeIdePath '/path/to/Android/android-studio'

Another major issue is that I have Java 11 installed on my system but I came to know that IntelliJ IDE can only be opened on Java 8. Considering everything plays well with Java 8 I might switch back to it for time being.

Eventually, I was able to build the project by setting JAVA_HOME to IntelliJ’s JRE folder. But the plugin didn’t appear.