Remote Work

I have been thinking about how to improve my workflow because the one I have is not successful. A lot of things suggested for work-from-home-folks are always not possible. Not initially. Such as separate work and home environment. Separate machines.

UK voted to leave EU.

I recently watched The 100. It is a show about a hundred delinquent kids who have to sentenced to Earth. The whole idea of living with limited means and under constant threat is very appealing.

Life without constraints is life not worth living.

Today I woke up late and for some reason I wasn’t able to buy milk. I was in no mood to walk a kilometre to get milk. I didn’t drink tea. It was interesting experience.

WordPress mobile app released a new text editor. I like it a lot.

Bug Free Open Source

Actually, “zero defects” meant that at any given time, the highest priority is to eliminate bugsbefore¬†writing any new code.

I am blown away by The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code article by Joel Spolsky.

He is correct in saying that most software that we see in wild would come around 2-3 on his 12 point scale. Open source would be completely different if it adopted the Zero Defect Methodology.

Being An Uncle

I am an uncle now. My sister gave birth of a healthy and beautiful baby girl. It’s amazing that we, mostly the women, endure great pains continue our legacy in form of our kids and at the same time we don’t care about the world we are going to leave for them. Where do you fit the cynicism with a young one that you brought in this world?