A Day Without The Laptop

I had my laptop’s screen hinge fixed today. I had to spend around 6 hours without it as it was being fixed.

It’s unnerving to have to spend even a few hours without computer or internet or electricity for that matter. Life seems to stop without these artificial necessities.

When I think about it my life is filled with similar artificial necessities. Social networks, news and communication apps, games, etc. fill up most of my day. Even without realizing I am spending a whole lifetime doing things that are not important.

I have had periods where I stopped watching television or reading news. It’s good in the sense that I am not in hurry when I am not suppose to constantly catch up on something but more than often a hole, even a shallow one, can’t resist getting filled up with river of stimuli that we have around us.

One could go away and live like a hermit but it’s easy to be a hermit than to live through stimuli and not be affected by it.

Even if I wanted to make a point, to what point would it be.

How two determined scientists built a world-class lab out of Radio Shack parts

Hagopian, she says, is like a lot of people who work in the sciences, “geniuses with instrumentation in tech, [but who] don’t want to be professors and give talks.” She hopes that these “true heroes” can be celebrated in a more public way and their contributions recognized as being key to scientific progress.

Annalee Newitz writes in How two determined scientists built a world-class lab out of Radio Shack parts.

Journal Wednesday May 11

Captain America:Civil Wars is a freaking awesome movie. I don’t want to spoil the film but Cap is wrong in so many ways.

Harold uses word social graph in Person of Interest. I feel like the show was way ahead of it’s time.

Apple IN has started selling 8GB RAM Air laptops in India. The 13″ version is ₹80,000. You can get a great desktop for that amount.

Journal Tuesday 09 May 2016

My laptop screen’s hinge lock broke today. It being my only lifeline annoys the hell out of me. I have to buy a laptop soon but I don’t want to do it right away.

My chair broke last week. It wasn’t the best chair in the world but it was working fine. Now the back support is all expanded and the hydraulic pipe underneath is busted. Lack of a good chair for someone who gets paid to sit all day in front of a computer is no fun. I now have acute pain in my lower back when I get up.

Not the best day in my life.

Game of Thrones’ season 6 episode 3 came out today. I am not impressed. I am not sure where the story is going.

Government may not renew RBI chief Raghuram Rajan’s second term.

I was trying to avoid travel but I will have to now.

I hope to do these daily posts.

Thinking Intensely of lesser important things.

In the morning, I drank two cups of tea. I went for a walk. It was too hot in the park. I felt particularly hungry around noon.

In the evening I went to drink tea. It had rained earlier. I sat on my side-parked scooter. The wind and clouds make my evening tea ritual particularly pleasing. I like to listen to song that I am stuck with on a particular day. I try to think as intensely as possible. I am often blank.

In the night I walk in my room. I think about various things of lesser importance. Often the distance between important and unimportant is as much as a thread.