In My biggest lesson as a beginner: no amount of writing notes helps, only writing code helps post on Reddit /u/Cool_Bastard shares his experience on notes taking as a programmer. I think I suffer from the same problem on some level. My note taking setup hasn’t fully evolved yet. I take notes on a pretty regular basis. It is one of the way for me to improve comprehension and stay focused. I have no formal process of going back and referring to my own notes. Notes can often end up to be regurgitation of textbook words. I am changing that as of now. I am going to do only outline of the actual implementation. My reliance of pen and paper also turned into a ritual which when not fulfilled became an impedance to code as much as possible initiative.

I have spent past few days getting basics of RecyclerView down. I think I have basics of it done and I can begin implementing it tomorrow. I do have some more blog posts to read which will help me get even better understanding of it. I may or may not read them. So far I have relied more on Android documentation than blog posts. Android documentation which includes API guide, training and reference. All three of these are very terse. This time I went on to find small projects along with blog posts to get the code done first. I think I like this way much better than my own.