SQLite The Core Of Any App

AnyRecruitment.com is a website and an upcoming Android app to make it easier for recent graduates to find a job. My job is to write an Android app from scratch.

Up until this point I have been gathering information about various moving parts of the app. Activities, Fragments, Service, ViewPager, Chrome Custom Tabs, etc. I have been also reading other people’s code to figure out how best to pull information off the website. For now I plan to rely on the website’s RSS feed.

This week I have been working towards the core of any app which in Android would be SQLite, the database. I knew very little of any database before starting to read about SQLite.

SQLite is as they say a relational database. It’s small and takes up very low resources on Android. My understanding is there are main four processes that I can do to any SQLite database. SQLite database can be manipulated using four processes. CRUD which stands for create, read, update, and delete. The core of any database is a table. And tables contain rows and columns which contain the actual data.