In My biggest lesson as a beginner: no amount of writing notes helps, only writing code helps post on Reddit /u/Cool_Bastard shares his experience on notes taking as a programmer. I think I suffer from the same problem on some level. My note taking setup hasn’t fully evolved yet. I take notes on a pretty regular basis. It is one of the way for me to improve comprehension and stay focused. I have no formal process of going back and referring to my own notes. Notes can often end up to be regurgitation of textbook words. I am changing that as of now. I am going to do only outline of the actual implementation. My reliance of pen and paper also turned into a ritual which when not fulfilled became an impedance to code as much as possible initiative.

I have spent past few days getting basics of RecyclerView down. I think I have basics of it done and I can begin implementing it tomorrow. I do have some more blog posts to read which will help me get even better understanding of it. I may or may not read them. So far I have relied more on Android documentation than blog posts. Android documentation which includes API guide, training and reference. All three of these are very terse. This time I went on to find small projects along with blog posts to get the code done first. I think I like this way much better than my own.

Use SIGSEGV To Kill plasmashell And Have It Automatically Restarted

Anyone using Plasma 5 knows that system tray is a mess. Icons go missing. They overlap. Random icons will show up. All sort of problem. I often kill plasmashell and then restart it. It is a two step process. We can use SIGSEGV to kill plasmashell and have it automatically restarted. The only caveat is that it will trigger DrKonqi. It is still better than having to run two commands.
killall -s SIGSEGV plasmashell
Benjamin Cane has an excellent article on all sort of kill options one can use in Linux.

Blogger Error There Was An Error Fetching Stats

For a small blog like mine it is embarrassing to see half of your own views in the visits. Blogger kept showing following error when I tried to disable my own page views via link provided in Blogger.

there was an error while fetching stats. please reload page

This should be the number one problem that has continued to plague Blogger user. Several blogs recommend following solution.

Replace yourdomain with yours and enter. You will see following message and then you won’t see your own clicks.

// API callback


SQLite The Core Of Any App is a website and an upcoming Android app to make it easier for recent graduates to find a job. My job is to write an Android app from scratch.

Up until this point I have been gathering information about various moving parts of the app. Activities, Fragments, Service, ViewPager, Chrome Custom Tabs, etc. I have been also reading other people’s code to figure out how best to pull information off the website. For now I plan to rely on the website’s RSS feed.

This week I have been working towards the core of any app which in Android would be SQLite, the database. I knew very little of any database before starting to read about SQLite.

SQLite is as they say a relational database. It’s small and takes up very low resources on Android. My understanding is there are main four processes that I can do to any SQLite database. SQLite database can be manipulated using four processes. CRUD which stands for create, read, update, and delete. The core of any database is a table. And tables contain rows and columns which contain the actual data.