Nine Days Of Intolerance

Today is the first day of nine days long Indian festival of Nav Durga. We pray a different avatar of Ma Durga on each of the nine days. Thousands of people fast for nine days.

These are also the day self-proclaimed upholders of Hinduism come out of their narrow ponds.

These self-proclaimed upholders of Hinduism are folks who force themselves on rest of us who have no interest in public display of our believes.

We don’t need to dance on loud speaker in an open space for five hours on Bollywood tunes to show that we are more religious then others. We don’t have to pray in front of a huge statue of the Goddess. We don’t have to harass public for our religious beliefs. We don’t have to clog the traffic so we can dance our way to the makeshift temples.

Self-proclaimed upholders of Hinduism are the biggest threat to who we are as Indians.