Born To Run

I am close to finishing Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run. I want to learn how to write proper book review but I don’t know how. I read books in a way that makes it impossible to process that afterward. Is it a good thing to consume media in such a fashion? I consume media for entertainment purposes. I don’t want overhead of taking notes and following up on it. I think it is a quality of a write to make up words around nonsensical things. I had been watching Game of Thrones and I wasn’t satisfied with an hour. So after watching episodes I usually read some reviews. Some of the reviews, especially on Forbes, are very passionately written which is very enjoyable to read.

From time to time I have thought how will it change me if I were to write 500 words everyday on the blog. 500 might be a big number. 100 would be a good target. Just to talk about what I have done. And difficulty in getting it done. Maybe I will do it.

In order to do anything one has to make time. If you have work stacked one after another, it is very hard to do any creative work. You want to finish something and move on to next one. There is a hurry. Hurry kills the cat.