Nexus 7 Writing Station

I am writing this post on a Nexus 7 2012 tablet using a Motorola Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. 2012 model of Nexus 7 has become a little too old to do anything beyond playing Clash of Clans and reading books. Most of all it has lost its charm of the title the best device at the moment. I need to find some ways to re-purpose it.

I thought I could use it as dedicated device to write. There aren’t great apps which I could use for writing journals. I am too scared too keep my data on a tablet which has a high probability of me leaving it anywhere or giving it to friends or family. I can exercise control over my system by using encryption and hiding the files.

I can certainly use this setup to make regular posts on WordPress. I don’t really like on any topic these days. I don’t do research or I don’t proofread my posts. I would like to do that though. It would require me to switch among a few apps like the writer, Chrome, audio and video player, and PDF reader. I want to be able to switch like I do on my system. There are a lot of dedicated keys on this keyboard but it doesn’t quite know how to properly use them. Like I want quickly reach overview and shuffle through apps. This can be tedious because of how mobiles work. Apps aren’t killed unless memory is required by the system. Maybe I could write a small app that would let me shuffle through a selected few apps using Alt+Tab.

I will give it a go for some time.