Knowing a programming language is not enough. You have to follow enormous amount of news too. The main sources of Android related news are email, Google+, Twitter, RSS reader, and Reddit. Not to mention IRC, mailing list, stray blogs, and popular media.

News is never ending. You keep getting it. Like it or not something is always happening. Even if it doesn’t matter but you have to keep up with it.

Over the past months I have completely cut down on Linux news. I am subscribed to Ubuntu, KDE, WordPress, Emacs, and ownCloud. I occasionally also read I don’t feel bad about following these source. People take time and due diligence to write posts on these sources. Their motive is not to generate news but helpful articles. LWN is a news outlet but they are really good and worth reading. This is my guilty pleasure.

Now that I am thinking to reorganize my media consumption maybe I should move these Linux based feed in email. The reason is that I only want to actively pursue Android news. I don’t want to read any news that isn’t Android. I don’t want to spend special time to it neither do I want to make any conscious effort. I might still have everything setup in my CentOS rig.

  1. Email
    1. Emails
  1. Linux
    1. Mailing lists
  1. Bugs
  1. Feeds


  1. Google+ – follow developers.


  1. Twitter – follow developers.


  1. r/android – all the Android news.


  1. r/androiddev – technical discussion.


  1. Stackoverflow.

Now that I have written these out it starts making a lot of sense. Like with any other habit or pleasure one has to exercise control. Control in a sense that I am spending more time processing the articles then hunting them. Hunting articles is a easy job then actually sitting with them for hours.

I subscribed to r/androiddev’s RSS feed in Feedly. Feedly for some reason wouldn’t allow me to add new feeds but only works with hot feed. r/androiddev is moderately busy subreddit and can be handled using a RSS reader. On the other hand r/android is a very busy subreddit with 100s of stories per day. Most of them might not even be good articles. Earlier I had a circle of famous tech news reporters in order to filtered news. Along with I was following a few pages in order to get App design ideas.

I will have to rewrite this post for several times before it makes sense.

What is the reason of this post? Well I could write in the diary too but I also want to blog so maybe it would be helpful to make daily posts here on general topics that I constantly think about. Maybe after writing 100 posts I might get better at recounting my thoughts.

Someone mentioned in Google+ that folks have lost their ability to appreciate things. All the ease and abundance of stuff we have collected around ourselves. He is right. People in general focus on negativity and internet is like a big bathroom. To put it eloquently, Internet provides a face a mask. They are bound to spew vitriol when they are behind the mask. I feel somehow this negativity is not genuine. This negativity is not real. It comes out of stress of day to day life. Negativity promotes negativity. From newspaper to tea stall conversation they all have negative overtone. And we pick up on that.