Kubuntu Day 1

In the last week this is the only day when I have only used a single distro for a whole day. Over the years I have tried various distros for example Ubuntu, Arch, OpenSUSE and throughout the last year I ran Fedora 20 and eventually upgraded to Fedora 21. Fedora is a very developer friendly distro which updates certain things but not all and tries to keep things break free. To meet the hard terms a kernel upgrade broke Android Emulator. I can’t use API 21 emulator on Fedora 21 running 3.18.x kernel series. I have neither knowledge nor wish to spend time learning something which is not so urgent to me. I had to find a new home.

I can’t go back to Arch because I am over setting things manually by reading documentation. I want a distribution that is already setup for development, packages are fairly updated, and that is super stable. I sounds like one of the Ubuntu variants would be the best for me. When I visit Google+ and other sites that I visit for Android inspiration I feel so bad about spending anytime on Linux at all. It is a tool and I should use and forget  about it. I always go back to KDE so I decided not to fight. I choose Kubuntu 14.04.

KDE is at a very interesting point of time. Plamsa 5 which is the next iteration of KDE and is awesomely beautiful. It also takes away some pain points of KDE. It is new and is a slightly buggy. So I am staying with KDE 4 at the moment. Choice of Kubuntu LTS also means that I have to upgrade only every 2 years. A system with which I will not have to mess is a blessing.

I made the switch.