Distraction Free Mode in WordPress 4.1

WordPress is the best blogging platform when it comes to how much a user has control over it. The possibilities are endless. The number of plugins and themes are unimaginable.

Where WordPress fails is that it is not the greatest writing tool. It can get easily confusing. The myriad of options can be distracting. WordPress 4.1 ‘Dinah’ ships a new distraction free writing mode (DFW).

I generally like the new DFW. I don’t want to constantly move click a button to move from zen mode to non-zen mode. On this regards the new DFW is a win. ability to be able to present options with mouse hover is also a win. One thing i don’t like is how it constantly moves around in top and bottom. Window in a traditional text editor stays fixed. The text would move up as you start to fill the full screen.