The Wire

I have recently got done watching The Wire. An hour show is one hell of series. The Wire depicts different faces of Baltimore as lived by its law enforcement.

The central character of the show is Jimmy McNalty. He is an abrasive police officer who wants to end the crime by hitting it on the head. He is an alcoholic and a cheater. It is interesting to see how differently we see character in the light of their role. His best friend is Bunk Moreland. He is an excellent by-the-book who believes in sticking to the line and solving the case by old school policing. Kima Greggs is the only woman cop in the department who is both smart and fearless. Their Boss Cedric Daniels is one who has a history but has faith in good policing.

Jimmy and Lester tried very hard to solve all the major cases but the end result have always been head of the organization narrowly escaping the trap. In the end the crime continues. In the end of the series, Jimmy’s and Lester’s passion made them stage a serial killer case in order to divert the case money to drug dealer case Marlo case. They solved the case but Kima Greggs ratted them out. In the end, neither Daniels nor Pearlman came to their rescue.

I wonder how much doing right without even hurting anyone would hurt is wrong. Although it ended just fine but it felt like Jimmy and Lester had to pay the price when everyone benefited out of it.