On getting back at it.

Last year I started learning Java hoping to get back to my original calling of becoming a maker. I hate using terms like software engineering, computer scientist or a programmer. These terms often reflect a vast majority of people who join schools to make a big bang at the career fair. My love for science has always been for sake of science. As you get older money becomes a contentious issue. Android and mobile’s upward trends both breaking the charts I might be both able to do things I love and make a living out of it.

It took me 4-5 months of time to finish Stanford’s CS106a. I can do basic app but as soon as it goes from one class to multiple class my head starts spinning. Android is huge operating system. It is as vast as the sea. Besides programming there are a gazillion things that a one man army in Play Store must do to survive.

I am currently going over the Big Nerd Ranch’s Guide to Android Development. Android has changed quite a bit after the release of Material design and Lollipop. Android has moved from Eclipse and ADT to Android Studio. Although Gingerbread still holds 10% of market but I doubt it amounts to any serious revenue stream. The BNR focuses on making sure the all projects are backward compatible as far as Froyo which is API 8. I want to focus more on Material design and Lollipop because I want 10,000 customers who are willing to pay and not 100K customers who aren’t willing to pay for my time. Due to these reasons I decided to stop working the BNR and move on to something more recent.

I have an obnoxious habit of leaving things in middle. I can’t do that with my Android Journey. I have to persevere and I have to go through it. That bring me today once again I finished one chapter today and I also completed the Challenge. I am going to FINISH it.