I finally came around watching PK. The first half of the film was really funny. The second half of the film was typical and predictable Bollywood drama. I enjoyed his wandering trying to explore our mother planet. Anushka spoiled it. Beware of plastic surgeries. They don’t always turn the way you want then to.

Social message is a complex problem. Are humans really capable of turning around to be good. There are two units of organization. First is an individual and second is the mob. Individuals are capable of doing good. Mob is always bad. The compulsion that mob feels they have to protect leads to unintended consequences. Most individuals start as individual and soon they gather mob around them a Jim Jones is born. It can either lead to implosion or explosion.

If there should be no social message and if there should be no do gooder then what should it be. How do you solve world problems? There are obviously people who oppress others and there is obviously oppression all around us. How do you solve that. I don’t have an answer to that. Zaheer from the Legend of Korra kept saying chaos is the natural order. The whole universe is in such an order of chaos. Even if we don’t want to accept it, it is happening all around us. We have been ingrained with conscience. How do we overcome that? There are weak people and there are strong people. A beginning of chaos would mean strong people oppressing weak people. The famous statement is only dead see the end of war. We think we have prevented the oppression from happening. We think we have control of stuff around us but is that really so.

One solution that makes sense the most is to never hurt anyone. At least physically. In my experience most mental torture can also be controlled by no trying to make other people adopt your own belief system. People can’t be taught. They have to evolve.

On the Android development subreddit a person asked me what is my goal. I was struck by that question. It was like getting hit in the neck by a Zen master. I answered I want to publish one decent app in Play Store and establish myself as an Android developer in long run.

I was about to miss today’s entry. Today is merely the second day of the resolution that I don’t want to accept publicly that is to write a short post everyday. What are possible reasons I may or may not be able to make it a long run? There are various ways to make it a consistent habit and maintain a long run but it always comes down to getting it done. Doing it or not doing it.