Distraction Free Mode in WordPress 4.1

WordPress is the best blogging platform when it comes to how much a user has control over it. The possibilities are endless. The number of plugins and themes are unimaginable.

Where WordPress fails is that it is not the greatest writing tool. It can get easily confusing. The myriad of options can be distracting. WordPress 4.1 ‘Dinah’ ships a new distraction free writing mode (DFW).

I generally like the new DFW. I don’t want to constantly move click a button to move from zen mode to non-zen mode. On this regards the new DFW is a win. ability to be able to present options with mouse hover is also a win. One thing i don’t like is how it constantly moves around in top and bottom. Window in a traditional text editor stays fixed. The text would move up as you start to fill the full screen.

The Wire

I have recently got done watching The Wire. An hour show is one hell of series. The Wire depicts different faces of Baltimore as lived by its law enforcement.

The central character of the show is Jimmy McNalty. He is an abrasive police officer who wants to end the crime by hitting it on the head. He is an alcoholic and a cheater. It is interesting to see how differently we see character in the light of their role. His best friend is Bunk Moreland. He is an excellent by-the-book who believes in sticking to the line and solving the case by old school policing. Kima Greggs is the only woman cop in the department who is both smart and fearless. Their Boss Cedric Daniels is one who has a history but has faith in good policing.

Jimmy and Lester tried very hard to solve all the major cases but the end result have always been head of the organization narrowly escaping the trap. In the end the crime continues. In the end of the series, Jimmy’s and Lester’s passion made them stage a serial killer case in order to divert the case money to drug dealer case Marlo case. They solved the case but Kima Greggs ratted them out. In the end, neither Daniels nor Pearlman came to their rescue.

I wonder how much doing right without even hurting anyone would hurt is wrong. Although it ended just fine but it felt like Jimmy and Lester had to pay the price when everyone benefited out of it.

Productivity Apps

While I am in dire need to finish some of the things I am trying to accomplish I am obviously looking around for a new system that is easy to adopt, easy to keep up, is more tactile, and gives me regular feedback on my performance.

I have tried various apps but I they always make me feel like I am in a walled garden. There is hardly any flexibility and creativity available that can be seen with paper and pencil.

Eventually, I would like to move on to an software that works but for now I am using a monthly and weekly calendar to get my work done.


I have been working through the Big Nerd Guide for Android Development. The book is not API 21 and Android Studio ready. It focuses heavily on backward compatibility. This has become a little problematic for me. But in any case I have decided to cruise through the book and finish it for sake of aesthetics. For sake of finishing it.

In order to improve my focus I have been using Pomodoro technique. After working for 4 pomodoros’ I lost my focus. 2 hours of focused work is better that sitting whole day and pretending to get work done.

Working with full devotion is something that one must cultivate over time.

100 Words A Day

Blogging has become a very tough job for me these days. I lack interest these days. My concentration is down. I have too many things. I don’t have a process. And most importantly lack of a topic.

Writing or anything else in life is like running. You can’t go from 0 to a mile in a day. Maybe I should jump start my blogging practice with something like 100 words a day. It doesn’t matter what I write about as long as I write everyday 100 words.

I have time to time picked up various activities that I decided to do everyday but I have never succeeded. There is nothing stopping me from failing again.

On getting back at it.

Last year I started learning Java hoping to get back to my original calling of becoming a maker. I hate using terms like software engineering, computer scientist or a programmer. These terms often reflect a vast majority of people who join schools to make a big bang at the career fair. My love for science has always been for sake of science. As you get older money becomes a contentious issue.¬†Android and mobile’s upward trends both breaking the charts I might be both able to do things I love and make a living out of it.

It took me 4-5 months of time to finish Stanford’s CS106a. I can do basic app but as soon as it goes from one class to multiple class my head starts spinning. Android is huge operating system. It is as vast as the sea. Besides programming there are a gazillion things that a one man army in Play Store must do to survive.

I am currently going over the Big Nerd Ranch’s Guide to Android Development. Android has changed quite a bit after the release of Material design and Lollipop. Android has moved from Eclipse and ADT to Android Studio. Although Gingerbread still holds 10% of market but I doubt it amounts to any serious revenue stream. The BNR focuses on making sure the all projects are backward compatible as far as Froyo which is API 8. I want to focus more on Material design and Lollipop because I want 10,000 customers who are willing to pay and not 100K customers who aren’t willing to pay for my time. Due to these reasons I decided to stop working the BNR and move on to something more recent.

I have an obnoxious habit of leaving things in middle. I can’t do that with my Android Journey. I have to persevere and I have to go through it. That bring me today once again I finished one chapter today and I also completed the Challenge. I am going to FINISH it.


I finally came around watching PK. The first half of the film was really funny. The second half of the film was typical and predictable Bollywood drama. I enjoyed his wandering trying to explore our mother planet. Anushka spoiled it. Beware of plastic surgeries. They don’t always turn the way you want then to.

Social message is a complex problem. Are humans really capable of turning around to be good. There are two units of organization. First is an individual and second is the mob. Individuals are capable of doing good. Mob is always bad. The compulsion that mob feels they have to protect leads to unintended consequences. Most individuals start as individual and soon they gather mob around them a Jim Jones is born. It can either lead to implosion or explosion.

If there should be no social message and if there should be no do gooder then what should it be. How do you solve world problems? There are obviously people who oppress others and there is obviously oppression all around us. How do you solve that. I don’t have an answer to that. Zaheer from the Legend of Korra kept saying chaos is the natural order. The whole universe is in such an order of chaos. Even if we don’t want to accept it, it is happening all around us. We have been ingrained with conscience. How do we overcome that? There are weak people and there are strong people. A beginning of chaos would mean strong people oppressing weak people. The famous statement is only dead see the end of war. We think we have prevented the oppression from happening. We think we have control of stuff around us but is that really so.

One solution that makes sense the most is to never hurt anyone. At least physically. In my experience most mental torture can also be controlled by no trying to make other people adopt your own belief system. People can’t be taught. They have to evolve.

On the Android development subreddit a person asked me what is my goal. I was struck by that question. It was like getting hit in the neck by a Zen master. I answered I want to publish one decent app in Play Store and establish myself as an Android developer in long run.

I was about to miss today’s entry. Today is merely the second day of the resolution that I don’t want to accept publicly that is to write a short post everyday. What are possible reasons I may or may not be able to make it a long run? There are various ways to make it a consistent habit and maintain a long run but it always comes down to getting it done. Doing it or not doing it.

The First and the Groundhog day.

Technically it is second of January and the Groundhog day in United States, so my calendar tells me, but I will consider it second of January when I wake up next.

The Bill Murray’s Groundhog day is one of those stunning classics that make you both happy and sad at the same time. There is no way of telling if what we consider as reality might in fact be just another day in the Groundhog day.

Yesterday I finished the Localization chapter of the Big Nerd Ranch Guide. The next chapter which is the 16th of total 35 chapters is ActionBar. I am excited about this chapter. ActionBar is part of Action that along with Navigation drawer is two of the most used UI elements of Android. It is essential part of user interactions.

I have also switched to Android Studio. I plan to quickly finish the BNR. The reason is that the book is sort of old. I don’t want to spend too much time worrying about stuff that I might not make use of in immediate future. I might also drop Lollipop or Android 5.0 compatibility which seems to only create problem at the moment.

I reinstalled my server with a new StartSSL certificate. I am still not sure if I am upto the task of managing a server. A server can be too much work. Maintenance is not a problem but setting it up properly so that it doesn’t get breached is an important problem.

I am especially looking forward to using more of WordPress 4.1 with its distraction free mode. The top bar and buttons are still available which looks like a distraction to me.