India 68 Years Old.

Today is the Independence day of Republic of India. I have live in United States for 7 years and have recently moved to India. I am not so happy with the ground reality. There is a lot of I-am-not-sick feeling among Indians. I have long maintained a view that it is not the member of parliament or any other officer that is going to come to your street to clean it up. You live there. It is your responsibility to keep it clean. How can a billion of Indians don’t feel nothing when they walk down street and they see dirt everywhere. We don’t need policy when it comes to honk. The only way to stop noise pollution is to stop honking and stop blocking traffic.

The biggest problem is not lack of sound system but lack of motivated population to live in it. It is a common practice to leave waste outside one’s house for someone to pick up. How can in a civilized nation and cultured for centuries to expect someone to pick our wastes. It is not nice.

We worship animals from cows to goats and many but when we are done with the worship we leave them to eat polyethylene on streets.

One of the problems that we don’t seem to even think about is the problem of population. I try to leave my house whenever I think most people will be at work and I could go shop in peace but to my surprise it is always busy. It is always busy.

None of these problems are going to be solved on its own. We will have to make small groups and tackle one local problem at a time.

But crowds don’t really behave that way. Crowds are destructive.