While going through #dgplug’s July 16th log I ignored service sshd start and went ahead trying to ssh into testacc which is a test user account. No surprise I encountered an error as follows.

ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused

Lessons here is to try not to act smart by skipping instructions.

This reminds me I could replace with localhost and also with my hostname. Previously, on my Arch Linux box I have always append my hostname in /etc/hostname file but since moving on to Fedora and lack of documentation I used systemd to set hostname like hostnamectl --set-hostname <hostname> and didn’t bother messing up with any config files.

This is a nice moment in space and time continuum to catch up on According to Wikipedia, localhost literally means this computer. localhost is associated with IP address

I wish there was enough time to go through man pages of all the command we use.

July 16th Log