I have officially decided to become a hipster and join #dgplug. My knowledge of computer science has serious gaps in both technical level and social level due to lack of formal training in computer science. I am hoping #dgplug could fill up that space.

I came to know about #dgplug through an ambitious post by Kushal Das on Planet Fedora. I actually came to know about several of these Indian open source communities through Planet Fedora and mailing list. I followed through and registered to the course.

The training started late June. We have come to learn a lot of stuff including how to communicate on IRC and mailing lists, basic Linux commands, vim text editor, file system hierarchy, reStructuredText, and personal lives of a few developers and past participants of #dgplug.

As far as communication, basic Linux commands, and file system hierarchy are concerned, I am already well versed in it. I also got to know how to use Git as a result of previous MOOC I took.

I have been a Markdown fan. Markdown is such a simple tool which makes commenting on internet a pleasurable experience. I knew about reStructuredText but Github, Reddit, and several websites that I use already use Markdown so it became a natural choice to me. As we looked into reStructuredText in #dgplug I came to realize it is pretty handy and probably more powerful than Markdown. I plan to seriously pursue it in future.

I am personally moved by beginning of developmental careers of several contributors who are participating as mentors. You have to read IRC logs to get the full juice. I think it is nice of the contributors to spend their free time teaching us.

One suggestion I could give #dgplug maybe is to post class notes in form of slides beforehand so that folks can work on them at their own pace and sort out their problems. It can take too much time to participate in the IRC sessions daily. Although from now on IRCs will be thrice a week.

In the end #dgplug makes me wish if there was a local lug I could go and participated personally.