Purpose of Blogging

I have been blogging for many years. It goes back to the time I wanted to write secretly on the web, yeah. As far back as I can remember my official blog started with writing film reviews. I wasn’t popular at all but I did it consistently and I enjoyed it.

I think about purpose of blogging over and over. My personal hero Matt Mullenweg’s blog has always been a source of inspiration. His blog has a linear flow where he posts anywhere from a line, a quote, or a full post. Sometimes I think that when someone visits my website I would want it to be a place to tell the visitor everything about me. I want a mix of static page and a blog of constant thought experiment. So far I have failed to materialize it.

One of the problems I have with blog that run page after page is that their is no way to tell what is important for visitors to know. To be realistic some posts are going to be purely bad and some are going to be nicely written and the flow of blog should not disrupt that. I think same problems are valid for new aggregating sites like Hacker’s News and Reddit. Unless you are a regular reader you will miss things. And on missing things I think google does the best job of finding relevant information better than any of us.

This little mental exercise makes me realize that I should create a website that is primarily a blog but a top or bottom or side panel could bring the visitors to the right information.