Auto Rickshaw Ride in India

photo credit: pabak sarkar via photopin cc

I went from Surendra Palace to Bima Kunj this afternoon. I was asked to to pay Rs 200. It didn’t sound right, so, I asked the auto-rickshaw-driver to reduce the price by Rs 50. He replied that how can I ask him for Rs 50 discount. He agreed to Rs 190. I saw his fellow auto-rickshaw-drivers laughing for some notorious reasons I am not aware of. When I came back from the Bima Kunj to Surendra Palace an hour later, I asked the same question to another auto-rickshaw-driver and he replied that he would charge me Rs 120.

Just because you sound non-familiar everyone in the town would sell you crap at a very high rate. To play devil’s advocate, auto-rickshaw-drivers, vegetable vendors, etc. are the poorest of poor in India. They have big families and they tend to be open to idea of mischieves and are illiterate. They have greater requirement of the funds.

Truthfully, it is less about losing money but more about being victimized by the poorest of the poor. Nothing could justify lying. Maybe a little bit of lying is fine. Maybe you make a few rupees off each customers for your greed but outright robbing them is just so wrong.

It makes me want to not travel across India. One thing is sure I will be fooled and I will be robbed.