How to Install Caffeine in Fedora 20

UPDATE:- The repository has been taken down for the version of Caffeine used in this post. Stay tuned for an updated post.

Caffeine is a “A status bar application able to temporarily prevent the activation of both the screensaver and the “sleep” power saving mode.” It comes very handy when you are watching a movie (VLC already blocks screensavers) or working on a project that requires you to get off the screen from time to time.

zhonghuaren has graciously packaged caffeine for OpenSuse and Fedora at

Adding the repository.

cd /etc/yum.repos.d/

zhonghuaren‘s package is missing two vital packages gconf and pynotify for Caffeine to work.

Installing dependencies.

yum install notify-python gnome-python2-gconf

Install Caffeine

yum install caffeine

The above dependencies might not be needed depending on your choice of desktop environment.