Is Sunita Richards, a Possible Victim, Being Ignored?

Different culture perceive different acts differently. India being an outwardly  sensitive to women’s rights is enraged with the treatment that the Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade went through in the United States.

Reading through coverage from both local and foreign newspapers and listening to comments from officials from both the countries I am at loss on the central issue here. The central issue is if Devyani did commit visa fraud and if she indeed was paying less than US mandated salary to her domestic help on US soil. The real victim in this case might be Sunita Richards. Not a single newspaper or news channel has reported about Sunita Richards. The whole coverage has been portrayed as a tussle between the India-US relations.

How anyone, irrespective of their status, should be treated is a matter of grave debate? We would like to be treated well but law enforcement is at risk and as a result we have standard procedures which we should all respect and evaluate from time to time.

I hope Government of India’s offense is based on the fact that Devyani is indeed innocent.