Is Fedora 20 Heisenbug KDE a perfect GNU/Linux Environment?

In search of a perfect GNU/Linux environment for me, I am giving Fedora 20 KDE Spin a try. My experience has been less than stellar. I partly blame it on my slow internet connection, proprietary software and Fedora’s lack in making necessary proprietary software easily available.

My first installation failed with a kernel panic and something else that made boot very slow. I started afresh.  One of the biggest annoyance was PackageKit constantly trying to update the system in background. My idea was to first install essentials so that I can get started with my work and update in background but it wouldn’t allow me to do that. I kill the back-end process multiple times but it keeps re-spawning.

Fedora also lacks a system to install proprietary software and codecs which are pre-installed on Ubuntu and made available though community and Arch user repositories.  Installing Bumblebee is also not a great experience. On Arch Linux, you have to install bumblebee and bbswitch from official repositories and you are done. On Fedora it includes adding multiple repositories, installing required packages and then installing bumblebee.

ADT Bundle for Android development keeps crashing on Fedora. Fedora being not so popular and Ubuntu has lesser number of beginner friendly tutorials. For example, what 32-bit libraries one need, dependencies, etc. can be hard to find.

It has been a pretty stable release but I am not fully convinced that Fedora can see a mass adoption.