Little Aam Aadmi Party Can Do!

Gandhi came to India and he traveled around for a whole decade before taking central role in India’s fight for freedom. Even after taking central role he didn’t cut short to freedom. If he wanted he could have freed us from oppression many moons ago but he choose a different path. His path was awakening of people and not enraging oppressed class.

People of Delhi are happy that Aam Aadmi Party is able to change the politics of Delhi and giving hope to the masses of India. But I can’t seem to forget the fact that quick rise often ends in quick fall. And when it comes to people often slow and tedious roads are safe and long lasting.

There is little Aam Aadmi Party can do in present moment. Reelection in Delhi would mean waste of a large amount of money and time. Both can benefit the wearly of Delhi this winter. On the other hand a fragmented political scenario also means nothing to them.

Even if Aam Aadmi Party forms government with help of fringe groups it will end in a parliamentary deadlock because of shortage of two-third majority in the house to pass meaningful results.