Anna yesterday said his journey to where he is today wasn’t short of humiliation. As a matter of fact he had to go through very harsh criticism of various degrees.

We seldom hear about journey that is paved with humiliation. We hear stories of war and blood and strength but not of humbleness.  We tend to forget the hardship people like Gandhi, Mandela, etc. had to face behind their pictures on bills and their statues.

It is also sad to see that a 76 years old man has to sit on indefinite hunger strike for rights of abled men and women.

What does it tell about the society when some people have to fight for rights of other people?  Either there is a lot of injustice in the society or a lot of ignorance.  Past month India celebrated several festivals including win of light over darkness. We celebrate it every year and yet kids die in refugee camps the heart of India because of lack of proper warm clothes.

If you can’t see difference in what is and what you would like to see then there is a little hope. I do hope Anna wins this time.