Interesting Links September 21st

Cyanogenmod – Steve Kondik – A New Chapter.

Cyanogen Inc. is going big with its newly acquired VC funds. I was a big fan of Cyanogen during my HTC Evo days. I have since then moved on to pure Google experience and have had no need to hack my phone as I am living AOSP. Cyanogen team has much to offer specially what Google can’t do due to its business nature.

The New York Times – Eric Kendal – The New Science of Mind.

Eric Kendal makes a case for inseparable nature of brain and mind. Kendal quotes Helen Mayberg’s research to elucidate his points. According to Kendal, a better understanding of mind based on biological properties of brain could bring vital improvements in our current treatments of mental disorders.

The New Yorker – Gary Greenberg – The Psychiatric Drug Crisis.

Gary Greenberg has an interesting take on history and future of pharmacological side of psychiatry. It is amazing to see that more than twenty percent Americans take some version of mind-altering drugs. He also recounts several examples of serendipity leading to many of the most famous psychiatric drugs. And why pharma industry is shrinking as a result of lack of theories to explain mental disorders.

The Guardian – Sarah Boseley – Smoothies and fruit juices are a new risk to health, US scientists warn.

We, now, have more reasons to abandon manufactured and marketed products and go natural, as nature intended them to be. Folks can cut their chances of type 2 diabetes by 7% just by swapping juices for fruits three times a week.