World War Z

World War Z has an interesting take on zombies. World War Z began as a man trying to live his life with his small family to two daughter and his wife in  what looks like suburban town. The world changes when a deadly virus infection started converting people into angry zombie.

New is a very interesting part of speech. In a sense how can anything be new, it has to be old to identifiable. We try to give interestingly new look to anything that is foreign to us whether it be zombies or aliens. And equally interesting matter is to see our own behavior in a rapidly changing world.

In a zombie ridden world, a man finds himself in a unique position to help his family by putting himself in a danger of finding origin and solution of virus outbreak. He fails to reach any conclusion but discovers that animal, even in zombies, refuses to attach diseased folks. And that saves the world.

The film obviously portrays a very simplistic version of novel.