Oktoberfest 2013

The small, relatively unknown and quite state in the mid-west Utah is a heaven for nature lovers. The relatively lesser known feature of Utah is its cultural richness reflected in the Indian festival of Colors at the Spanish Fork to the SLCJazz Jazz music concerts to beer’s paradise the Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest is a festival in to celebrate fall harvest and its most famous product, beer.

This weekend September 15th on a misty Saturday I decided to go to mountains in Snowbird resort to enjoy beer on tap. Utah has been experiencing more rain than it usually does. This Saturday afternoon also brought some rain. Warm Sun, misty atmosphere, beer’s aroma vitalized my senses at the Oktoberfest.

My first preference was a dark beer named Black Bier. Black Bier is very flavorful beer with a hint of chocolate and coffee in it. I really enjoyed the flavor and color the beer has. My second choice was a lager from Moab brewery. I have to say that drinking a stein of dark ale affected my affinity to drink a lager later. Nonetheless, drinking beer at 50C on mountains in a sunny day is a great experience.

Irrespective of if you are a beer fan, Oktoberfest is a great outdoor activity to do around this year in Salt Lake.