The Hunger Games

I finally watched the Hunger Games this Friday. And I have also started reading the book. I wanted to read novel before I watched the film. Oh Well! The Hunger Games is a film about an Utopian country that rose from ashes of the North America. It originally comprised of thirteen states that were ruled by a far located center known as the Capitol. This new world of thirteen states, that had only numbers and no names.

The story of the Hunger Games is set in a post apocalyptic world in which the state has decided to maintain peace for all states at any cost. The new world was formed when all thirteen states revolted. Rebel in twelve states were crushed and the thirteenth state we destroyed. The Hunger Games is celebrated by the Capitol to remind and make all rebel states remember the cost of rebellion. The Hunger Games is a fight unto death among 24 kids aged 12-18 years old two from each surviving district.

Katniss Everdeen is the main protagonist of the Hunger Games. She lives with her sister and mother. Her father was killed in a mine accident. She keeps it to herself. On the day of reaping, her sister is selected for the games but she volunteers to save her. She and another boy go to the capital city of Panem.

There are a few things to note about the Capitol. It is a city that lets kids, from poor districts, murder each other which warrants certain serious sociopathic coping skills. These skills come in form of cynicism and acceptance of a greater goal. As long as you have accepted that there is a higher organization one doesn’t need much to come to reality on its own term. But to begin we do need approval of a greater plan and goal something which is beyond control of common man to fight.

No review of the Hunger Games can be completed without talking about fashion and style of people of the Capitol. The first character is Effie Trinket who comes to the district 12. She has a characteristic evil smile. Television doesn’t do justice to sensations but I can get she prefers a very strong perfume. It was surprising that for strong sociopathic tendencies the people of the Capitol were very colorful and fancy. For any fantasy novel, there has to be a few characters that live in ambivalence of golden cage and a sense of responsibility. Such a character is Haymitch Abernathy. His job is to train the young fighters of district 12. He lives a seemingly of riches and pleasure but busting his guts with liquor. The Capitol is ruled by an old and cautious President Snow. He has a look of grave person. The Capitol city also has socialites and television personalities that seem to have mass followings.