Information gathering has become an intensely expensive as tasks for humans. From emails to news to important information related to ones career and interests. With the increase in information, tools to manage information has also gone up. My experiment with information gathering and process has always failed in misery. One of the most important aspect of information gathering is choosing specific source of information. Now there are many great source of information. I have long desired a central hub of information over multiple sources. Multiple sources means more time looking up information then actually going through the information. Information in today's age is governed by social media. From title to content is decided on basis of social media influence. The many ways to get information is through one of the social media outlets, blog, news websites, Hacker's News, Reddit, etc. I prefer to get all social news, actual news and most blogs on Google Plus. A lot of different sources don't publish on Google Plus in that case I get them over RSS reader. Newsblur is my favorite RSS reader. I also read mailing lists feeds in Thunderbird. I try to avoid Reddit and Hacker's News as these sources though very good at disseminating information has become very popular. Popularity also brings constant flow of information and in the flow one has to deals a very many number of poor posts. We all have limited time and curated information is the best we can do. After I gather all these information I save then to Pocket. Throughout the day I will open Pocket and read the articles. Depending on the source the article will get saved in Evernote. It would be really great if this information can be accessed in one location, read in one location and saved in one location. One doesn't have to leave the central hub of information. I also feel like there should be way to reward authors, so, they don't have to rely on cheap advertisements and users can enjoy clean content. As you can see I am using too many tools. Too many tools require a whole set of actions to maintain this exercise. Though Evernote does a great work in making it available easily it still misses in making it relevant. Google Now is a marvelous piece of technology. It shows news updates and follow ups of stories that I am reading and have searched on Internet. Articles can be read in a number of ways. Skim or thoroughly. Thorough reading is not possible on Android tablet as there is no Evernote Clipper app for Android. One of my astute observations is to avoid pieces that are short stories to please user or stories that are merely opinion. We constantly seek opinion but our goal is to seek approval. This is not a perfect setup but a work in progress.