Internet and Conscious Mind

Internet has become a wild and notorious realm. It is growing at an unprecedented pace. Our brain though has capacity to process several signals at once still fails by bottlenecking nature of conscious mind. We can only be conscious of one thing. We might be able to quickly switch our focus of our consciousness but it stays focused on one thing at a time.

Each choice that we have to make become problematic. Each choice is just another black hole of many choices. And our conscious mind runs out of energy to deal with it.

The Hurricane

The Hurricane is a very moving story of Rubin Carter. He went to jail for crime he didn’t commit. Not for a single moment he considered himself a prisoner and lived according to his principles.

There are some interesting aspects of his life. You tend to use well things that are limited. We are so full of life that we never live it. While doing his time Rubin read and wrote and set himself on path spiritual quest.

it is to be marvelously noted that he doesn’t show an ounce of regret or anger. He seems so free of misery.

In a movie, director is free to show aspects of a personality that would dazzle the silver screen.