Analogue and Digital

From the moment I get up to the moment I fall asleep I am engaged in some form of computing. When I am asleep I let it run on its own to perform desired actions. Technology works clock round and we depend on it. How much of our lives be different if our primary form of work and entertainment be analog. And we have seen that age. Analog age was disconnected and tedious. The more we know about ourselves and environment around us helps better prepared to face and direct it. Numbers are clear but interpretations are always up to us.

Human brain is still analogue in the way we understand it. Technology throughs information at us that conscious brain can’t handle. There is no physical aspect to bottleneck flow of information that we receive. Human mind also has higher preference for quick-gratification. If life is under constant attack from beasts or weather, quick-gratification is the way to live. Where does balance lie between good use and quick gratification in the new technological world?