Modern Distractions

Scientific research and biographies tell us that there is an intricate method in the way creative people worked. One of the most popular hypothesis is 10,000 hours of deliberate practice. The other popular hypothesis is 4 hours of cognitive work over a long period of time. The important thing in both of the above mentioned premises is how do you keep yourself unaffected with modern distractions. World has moved from type writers to computers and computers can be very complex. Now phones and handheld devices are catching up making it’s even more harder for us to focus. I don’t think its possible to moderate exposure to quick-fix-of-information. Facebook, RSS readers, News aggregating websites, etc. are all over the place. I have tried restricting them but shunning them all together seems to be the only best possible option.

Imitating the Masters

Tim Ferris came on the latest Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Tim Ferris talked about he being a non-fiction writer read extensively about how to write fiction. It is an interesting preposition. It made me wonder if you could learn by imitating and following masters of your field. Everything that we perceive in our day to day lives are connected to each other. One thing is extension of other. Nothing is uniquely authentic. Everything is know in relation of other. Good fragrance can only be smelled in contrast of bad fragrance. Beauty can only be perceived in ugliness. So, that makes sense. I also remember reading somewhere on Internet that writers have a strong comprehension abilities. Writers add this unique quality to their reading habit that makes them more aware of writing itself.