The Quick Information Fix.

An excessive amount of information is available on Internet. The ease and availability has enticed common folks to produce more and more content. Internet has also made it far more easier to spread information. This has enabled a generation to be less responsible with words. People are looking for quick real time information. Content producers are in pressure to produce more and more half baked under-sited information. In my opinion, any piece that is written in haste to provide quick information is not worth writing. It might be okay for young writers but for established media organizations is a shameful act.

Autobiography of a Yogi

Autobiography of a Yogi by Yoganand Paramhansha is the only book that Steve Jobs downloaded on his ipad. He is said to have read it at least once every year starting his youth days. I have read almost five chapters for the book. I am not so impressed. Yoganand sounds like a promotional guru. He recounted his encounters with various Hindu yogies and none of them were simple non-accomplished human being. All of them had spent ages and decades cultivating powers as minuscule as generating fragrance out of thin air. Osho is right to say that yogies are without ego to have written self-promoting autobiographies.