On Richard Stallman and Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Unity’s inclusion of online-search-results in its dash is an interesting example of slippery slope paradigm. GNU/Linux core must be kept free from any proprietary code. Once we start adding proprietary code in core OS it paves way for further inclusion of malicious codes. It is understandable that Ubuntu aspires to make its Unity dash exceptionally useful but users have little choice on who gets to use the data. No one company is evil or good. I am not a great fan of Amazon as they cut off Wikileaks’ funding and don’t ever hesitate to delete for example Kindle data. I also don’t like their offer emails which I have no rights to unsubscribe from. I should have a choice to receive only certain kind of emails. I as much as am apprehensive of providing my personal data have allowed Google to stalk me.

I like Ubuntu Unity’s vision. Like Google search I should be able to do basic calculations and pull weather information from Unity dash by typing ‘weather.’ I respect Richard Stallman as we the people are at great risk because we are constantly being tracked and this data will eventually used against people in a technological warfare. We will have to find a balance and make laws that will prohibit organizations from having a bias against people as a result of this readily available personal information.