People of India are on roads demanding justice for heinous gang rape that occurred in the capital city. It took everyone out of surprise both people and politicians. I am still trying to comprehend what actually happened, why politicians are so helpless and why people are in a stage of rage. People seem to have divided themselves in two or more groups. The good and the bad. I can’t help myself to think it is the same side of coin. These are the people who allow such activity in their day to day lives. We tend to look for solution of crime in penal system. We want to remove these criminals from our society and lock them up in some dark hole. If a change has to come, it will have to come in society.


The Verge’s Thomas Houston wrote an interesting article on how he works and more importantly his way of building a digital memory using Evernote. He saves links, web clippings, Kindle annotations, hand-written notes in Evernote. Evernote employs Google search and presents it along with global search.

I have previously used Evernote. I would make more use of Evernote if it had a decent Linux client. One important aspect of Thomas Houston’s workflow was that he isn’t worried about digital clutter it might make. It is in fact a good idea to dedicate a notebook to digital ramblings. If I ever search similar term on Google, I will be able to see it along with other results.

On Richard Stallman and Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Unity’s inclusion of online-search-results in its dash is an interesting example of slippery slope paradigm. GNU/Linux core must be kept free from any proprietary code. Once we start adding proprietary code in core OS it paves way for further inclusion of malicious codes. It is understandable that Ubuntu aspires to make its Unity dash exceptionally useful but users have little choice on who gets to use the data. No one company is evil or good. I am not a great fan of Amazon as they cut off Wikileaks’ funding and don’t ever hesitate to delete for example Kindle data. I also don’t like their offer emails which I have no rights to unsubscribe from. I should have a choice to receive only certain kind of emails. I as much as am apprehensive of providing my personal data have allowed Google to stalk me.

I like Ubuntu Unity’s vision. Like Google search I should be able to do basic calculations and pull weather information from Unity dash by typing ‘weather.’ I respect Richard Stallman as we the people are at great risk because we are constantly being tracked and this data will eventually used against people in a technological warfare. We will have to find a balance and make laws that will prohibit organizations from having a bias against people as a result of this readily available personal information.

Role of Blogging.

I was able to push many blog post on my last blog which dealt with writing film reviews. I have not been able to publish as many reviews on this blog. The primary reason on not been able to publish much is lack of direction. And lack dedication to give direction to this blog.

If this blog were to have a direction what would it be. I created this blog to share my views on worldly affairs and to learn more about discipline of writing. Now that I am thinking about giving this blog direction, I have strong feelings to let it be directionless.