We the People

We the People is a web portal created on behalf of President Obama to communicate with people. It is not constitutionally liable. Yet, a dozen state decided to ask Obama for “peaceful secession” on We the People. Why not go to Supreme Court or ask Congress to dissolve the Union? The request was an insincere and political. It was created to engage country and specially media in a nonsensical debate.

On Doing

A few days ago, I read something that said, habits come from creating engagement with the task. The idea was to do something enough that you get used it. The idea sounds great. Most productivity principle’s require some form tedious pre-requisite to begin. On the other hand, this idea began with just doing the task. On a personal level, brain like to act under some command. It likes to be organized. Or it sure like to think that things are in order or control. It likes to think that things are happening. So, what is the solution? The most simplest system would be to simply make a list of done items. Again, GTD’s weekly review is a powerful technique to get things done.

Google Nexus 4, 7 & 10

Today, Google Nexus devices were sold out in a few minutes. Are there too many buyers? Are we not capable of anticipating market demand? Or do we just like the sound of sold out?  With the internet machinery that Google has it is hard to accept if they failed to anticipate the demand. It sounds more like the decided to downplay the anticipation. Throughout world, Australia, UK, US, etc. Nexus devices were sold in over 30 minutes. I would have enjoyed the sound of “sold out” if the online market were to be open for several hours. A quick sell out is obviously a planned sell out. Hopefully I will get my device soon.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is one of the most interesting TV shows currently on air. The zombies are dead and they follow their bodily needs. On the other hand, the show has taken an interesting turn as soon as Rick’s group came out on the road among living people. A quite distrust live in living folks. A distrust so powerful that handful of survives would kill each other instead of  managing with others. How would be the real world if we ever face zombie apocalypse? It wouldn’t be any different from the one in the Walking Dead. The uncertainty of life and scarcity of food could make us do anything.