Taking Sides.

Indian media pretends to take no side in politics. American media takes sides. Media around the world like to cater to liberal philosophy and some there has to be balance which accounts to popularity of conservative media.

Indian media doesn’t take side and it worries me because I am not sure where my newspaper stands. I read New York times editorial which are mostly liberal-pro-obama and anti-Romeny. The problem that arises here is that it sets a precedence of  appeasing any policy that Obama brings on table and attitude of negation to conservative thoughts. I hope editors are doing their job.

Far Sides of Political Spectrum.

In the political spectrum people like to hang out on far ends. I have had a hard time understanding how people can absolutely categorize themselves in some categories. How can someone be a 100% Democrat or a 100% Republican?

In my understanding this decision stems in fact people like baked answers. People like to get their answers from other sources. People do not like to answer or face questions themselves.

When it comes to political decision and controlling mass population wise choice is to have  liberal laws that permit or encase both spectrums of society. Government should probably not have views on people’s personal matters.

Musing #2

A few days ago I read an article in the New York Times from series writers on writing. I can’t recall authors name and I am too lazy to look her up. Her name probably began with letter C. She is a prominent leader of lobby antagonistic to capitalism. She choose a minimalistic lifestyle in some small unknown town.

Her story on writing was a series of house chores she went on a day. In my understanding the message of the story was that writing is a process which is proceeded by a long gap of loneliness and absence.

If mind is too full of acts unfulfilled, one might have hard time coming up with words. On contrary some authors continue to work on their day time jobs while writing major works. It is intersting to note that some authors develop two major qualities early on in their lives. They can read critically following how author has shaped a story and they have an ability to comparmentalize their lives. They can separate one issue from another.