Cartoons Against Corruption

In a country that is ravaged by old traditions and modern corruption government spends an excessive amount of time in preventing symbols. Aseem Trivedi, creator of Cartoon Against Corruption, has been arrested in Mumbai for charges of sedition.

Every year on independence day thousands of flags are waved to express feeling of brotherhood. And next day same flags can be found lying on ground full of shame and disregard.

All of this makes me think that people with loss of real dignity go for symbols. Manmohan Singh has lead country into a dark age of corruption in his near decade rule. His party on the other hand objected to a Washington Post article calling him a “mum prime minister.”

My personal point of view is that emblems and national symbols have no importance when people feel cheated and not proud of their heritage. Like many other things use of national symbols should be decriminalized. Government should stop condemning freedom of speech.

Misrepresentation and Lies.

Misrepresentation and lies are becoming very common in political discourses. On the Media reports that there’s at least one documentable lie in every third-party advertisement. Paul Ryan is accused of making a sloppy speech at Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

Politicians and corporations lie make me think that people want to hear lies. People accept  lies and it makes them happy and satisfied. Just the feeling of we plan to do something makes people think things are happening. They cheer to it. It goes back to original ethical paradox of who is to blame – victimizer or the victim.