Breaking Bad

Walter White of Breaking bad has become an increasingly interesting character and the whole show has taken a new turn in the fifth season. Mr White started as an intimidated high school chemistry teacher. He blew up some petty gangsters with power of his chemistry both in virtually real life and in meth market. He took a big shot with Gustavo Fring. At this point of time, story become stale.

The fifth season brings a new dark side of Walter White. His wife wants him dead. He is not with his kids. A number of Mr. White’s solo scenes are shot in dark dim lit rooms. Walter White lost in his thoughts.


There is a widespread notion of distrust in our government and governments across the globe. It is very clear that private institutions influence government more than an average voter. On an average, a major chunk of voters prefer not to vote. Not voting in a democracy is by default a yes to all policies brought by a government. People always have ultimate control and free will but then organizations influence the free will.

Government preferred private automobile over public transportation and as a result there are more cars than eligible drivers. Cheeseburger bill prohibits people from suing food companies if people suspect their food make them fattier. NDAA, drones, war, SOPA, and crackdown of Wikileaks all make me sick and more suspicious of government’s role as a shady organization.

I still would like to trust government as it is the best possible solution. A government is as good as its citizens. If citizens start watching TV for 20 hours a week and eat more calories that they require to sustain which makes them sloppy to be ruled; it’s people’s fault.  And voting is a powerful weapon. It has real powers. People like me and you form and constitute government. Suspecting government is more or less suspecting ourselves.