The tools of an Escapist.

Paul Miller, the internet hermit from the Verge, has got me into thinking about my own internet usage. Life has become so dependent on information and entertainment supplied through internet that I am not sure if it is at all possible to live without it.

How am I connected to internet? Mobile phone, tablet, Playstation 3, server, Raspberry Pi and laptop are gateway of internet for me. I use phone to do all sort of quick surfing and email. Tablet helps me in reading books, magazine, blogs and news along with internet dependent gaming. Playstations 3 is of course used for gaming and watching Netflix. Raspbetty Pi shares the same interest as Playstation 3 as a media center.  And lastly laptop is mother of all internet connected devices. Their are infinite ways to use internet on laptop.

The most disturbing aspect is frequency of use of each device, quickly move from one to another device and often times simultaneous use of these devices. This leads to a mindless pattern of use of a ‘device’ which feels less of a device and more of a way of life.

This way of life is based on short focus span and quick answers. This learned short focus span is extended to most other aspect of our lives. It is so annoying how people come to you and want to spend time with you but end up tagging you on Facebook. They check their Facebook every two minutes and have to Tweet right away. And they came to spend time with you.

A huge number of people are online around 9 ‘o’ clock in morning. It is the time when they reach their offices. Instead of getting excited about work they are inclined to fulfill their social media needs.

Is internet or any other media responsible for all this brouhaha? It doesn’t seem so. It has certainly helped the escapist attitude to solidify and get trained but the escapist attitude is a major player here.

The escapist attitude is a complex issue and is result of many things and I want to dedicate a future post on it.