Sugar Taxation.

Recent research shows that sugar is as addictive as heroine or cocaine. It is sweet but it is toxic. The writers and commentators of the scientific paper request Washington’s intervention in-form of sugar taxation or rationing to curb it’s growing use.

Evolutionary hypothesis says that during our developmental and pre-industrial stage sugar was only available for the period of harvest season. Their was four months of extreme winter after harvest season. People during that time binged on excessive amounts of sugar and gained adipose tissue which were to be burn during subsequent cold months. We still retain same enthusiasm about engaging in sugar orgy but now sugar is available round the clock and beyond seasons.

Another faction of health conscious people are opposed to any form of governmental regulation. It is a group which is inherently opposed to governmental regulation on personal lives and choices. This group considers knowledge and choice as liberation. A more knowledgeable societies will be free of any problems.

It has been my experience that real food is very expensive compared to canned food.  We have developed taste for food which provides us quick fix. Their are food that have insane amounts of sodium or fat or other similar nutrient in excessive amounts. I think government should make sure that the raw food like fruits and vegetables are comparatively cheap than fast food. Better food labels should be required in both packaged restaurant food.

No Words.

It’s been almost three quarters since I sat for writing. I waited. I am unable to create ripples in the still sea of creativity. For a moment, my fingers stumbled upon keys that would have written that my sea of creativity has dried. But obviously enough, I am yet to reach out to my true creativity.

Waiting and sitting without words almost sound like meditation. It is far from meditation because I am eager to jot down something. Anything about me, people around me, musings about great people, etc.

Most questions can be answered by need or should or must but no solution can be provided by it.