Social Media Management.

Books, newspaper, magazines, news websites, blogs, RSS, Twitter, Gmail, Facebook, G+ are pretty much all information inputs i have in my life. It often becomes impossible to digest them. The seer amount of time it takes to manage them is enormous. How do i then manage them? A couple of days ago I read a story how dangerous it is to switch between tasks too quickly. Our brains are not designed to handle such enormous amount of information. The author suggested to not to check for e-mail every two minutes but decide a time and spend at least 15 minutes. I find it really useful to not to read emails when I can’t act upon them. Another great suggestion I have is to make a list of media sources and go through them one by one. Finish one and then move on to the next one. Books and magazines can be put off for evening. I am going to avoid traditional paper based sources as i have limited amount of time. My list is following.






News Websites.

The key point is spending enough time on them to feel satisfied of your time and prune the junk.