Most Productive Way of Managing Email.

Ok here it goes. I am one of those who have to check e-mail as a first thing in morning. Not that i am a VIP but in my own way i feel important. So, i check e-mail as often as possible. I label them, incessantly create filters, I colors the labels, etc. Most of these ways to manage e-mail are counter-productive. This is how I got rid of e-mail mania and managed it in most simple way.

  1. Unsubscribe from all newsletters, promotions, etc. Never sign up for them. Believe me you won’t miss anything.

  2. Check e-mail when you have at least 15 minutes to spare.

  3. Check e-mail only if you can act on them right away.

  4. I quickly peak into subject of e-mail on my smartphone’s notification. And check them properly when i have received enough worthy e-mail.

  5. Remove all labels.

  6. Archive all e-mail that you don’t have to act on. Keep the e-mail in inbox that you have to act on in future. Keeping important e-mail in inbox remind you of important things you have to do.

  7. As proved by a small experiment on Lifehacker, it is easier to search emails then to actually go to label and look for them.

  8. Of course, don’t write to people you don’t have to. Use minimum number of words. And let other people know that they send too many long mails with exception of your boss.

Hope this helps.