Vidya Balan.

Women play a unique chauvinist role in Bollywood. Women is akin to skin in Bollywood. Their are only a few women centric films. And even fewer mainstream women who like to play central figure in women centric films. Bollywood patron like to think of life as a Utopian happy love story where every men gets a beautiful bride. Their is little space for unconventional stories.

Vidya Balan is one of those blatant women who fearlessly like to portray dark side of women beyond a kitchen. Whether in Dil to Baacha Hai Jee or in her upcoming film – The Dirty Picture. She has commercial movies like Lage Raho Munna Bhai and non-commercial movies like No One Killed Jessica Lal in her bag of successful films. The Dirty Picture looks promising. Good luck to her.

The Walking Dead – Pretty Much Dead Already.

The journey to find Sophia has finally ended. The end did not come easy for Rick Grimes. The seventh episode of the Walking Dead name ‘Pretty Much Dead Already’ was full of action and dilemma. It was not just a war between the living and the dead but between ideas represented by two powerful personalities of the show – Rick and Shane. Shane is the survival instinct and Rick is the moral conscience. Both are earnestly trying to save their own version of what remains of the world. Shane’s version is at times impatient and Rick’s version may be too slow.

Self Discovery.

I read profile of great men. Gandhi, Einstein, Nehru to brand new leaders like Obama, and intellectual cum businessmen like Peter Thiel, etc. Their lives seriously conflict with mine. Their lives were filled with grandeur and high thinking, concepts and hard work. As a matter of self-criticism, I am more inclined towards non-doing and patiently waiting for desire to work. Does it work like that? Is it wrong for the self to discover the self. A passion which will be as imminent to life as a burning house you are trapped in. The reason to work will not be an escape but a reflection of self.

The Real Technological Revolution

Peter Thiel pointed out a very important fact about 21st centuries biggest innovations that they are not really innovations but design tweaks. Peter Thiel is a silicon valley entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He was co-founder of Paypal and made initial investment in Facebook among other things.

It is intriguing that our population is increasing day by day yet we our focus is on reduction of human capital to do work. Almost everything is automated and we are earnestly making everything automatic. Where are all these people going to go. The important point in Peter Thiel’s discourse is that most of the innovations are changing the looks but doing nothing to boost real important things like manufacture, sustainability, etc.

Strangest thing is our generation is no longer interested in space as our predecessors were. Space is not an escape but sign of aspirations.

The Good and the Bad.

I read somewhere about Martin Luther King Jr.’s paradigm of the good and the bad. He said we have a bad bull and a good bull in our heads and attention is the food. The more you pay attention to the bad bull, it grows big and stronger. Same goes for the good bull. It would be to racial to use black and white in reference to Martin Luther King Jr. I wonder if this is true. Buddha said you become what you think of yourself . Mind is constantly criticized for its volatility. Yet we rely on it. I make no sense and this article has already lost its direction.

Year of Revolutions.

Year 2011 has been a year of change for the world. Young people in Arab, Egypt, Libya, India, America, and in many more countries saw retribution. They asked for their rights. Right to a fulfilling life, education and prosperity. Freedom to speak their minds.

The question is will they get it. Anarchy was replaced by order to socialism to capitalism. Capitalism has failed many. The most prosperous capitalist nations have become poorer. Revolution creates space. That space is taken by fools to experiment. Should we not do anything? We can just keep on playing games for sanity.

Social Media Management.

Books, newspaper, magazines, news websites, blogs, RSS, Twitter, Gmail, Facebook, G+ are pretty much all information inputs i have in my life. It often becomes impossible to digest them. The seer amount of time it takes to manage them is enormous. How do i then manage them? A couple of days ago I read a story how dangerous it is to switch between tasks too quickly. Our brains are not designed to handle such enormous amount of information. The author suggested to not to check for e-mail every two minutes but decide a time and spend at least 15 minutes. I find it really useful to not to read emails when I can’t act upon them. Another great suggestion I have is to make a list of media sources and go through them one by one. Finish one and then move on to the next one. Books and magazines can be put off for evening. I am going to avoid traditional paper based sources as i have limited amount of time. My list is following.






News Websites.

The key point is spending enough time on them to feel satisfied of your time and prune the junk.

Media’s Responsibility Towards Herman Cain.

Republican presidential nomination hopeful Herman Cain has been accused by four women of sexual harassment. He is a new political figure for me and i know most about him through wikipedia. A single accusation can be accounted to foul publicity. Four accusations can be either truth or a systematic defaming of a political figure.

I have always felt that media gets too pro active in accusations. They do not care about the nature of accusation, the accused and the truth behind accusation. It is just a news for them. Of course it is their responsibility to present news. It could invariably tarnish the image of not-proved-guilty accused. I worry about good people falling into this category.

Most Productive Way of Managing Email.

Ok here it goes. I am one of those who have to check e-mail as a first thing in morning. Not that i am a VIP but in my own way i feel important. So, i check e-mail as often as possible. I label them, incessantly create filters, I colors the labels, etc. Most of these ways to manage e-mail are counter-productive. This is how I got rid of e-mail mania and managed it in most simple way.

  1. Unsubscribe from all newsletters, promotions, etc. Never sign up for them. Believe me you won’t miss anything.

  2. Check e-mail when you have at least 15 minutes to spare.

  3. Check e-mail only if you can act on them right away.

  4. I quickly peak into subject of e-mail on my smartphone’s notification. And check them properly when i have received enough worthy e-mail.

  5. Remove all labels.

  6. Archive all e-mail that you don’t have to act on. Keep the e-mail in inbox that you have to act on in future. Keeping important e-mail in inbox remind you of important things you have to do.

  7. As proved by a small experiment on Lifehacker, it is easier to search emails then to actually go to label and look for them.

  8. Of course, don’t write to people you don’t have to. Use minimum number of words. And let other people know that they send too many long mails with exception of your boss.

Hope this helps.