NYTimes’s The Life Report by David Brooks.

David Brooks has requested his septuagenarian readers to write a small biographical essay on their achievements, their failures and things they wish they had done better. He says that we learn many things in colleges but we fail to learn something important – How to live life.

My own personal experience has been similar. I have hardly seen anyone say to me, to be what i am. I am always told to be something i am not. I am always told to struggle. Struggle mostly to prove my worthiness. In a way, weird dress up of Lady Gaga or nude paintings by John Currin, their aggressiveness, is a natural self-defense against these people who want us to be like them.

We go to school for at least 25 years yet i have never attended a single class where i am told to be natural and in flow with nature. For some reason we have developed into a weird race. When we engage in a conversation. We mostly are in conversation with ourselves. Other person is needed only for manners of conversation. If you write down and analyse the conversation, we will see that two people are just talking about their own take, they don’t listen to each other. We feel victimized. We can’t listen absolutely. Our listening is comparative and mostly feel demeaning to us.