Stargate Universe – The Negative Review.

I have been watching Stargate Universe for some time now. It is an interesting TV show. It shows both broadness of our thinking and it’s limits. TV show airs in North America. Consequently, most galaxies are shown to be inhabited by English-speaking-christian-white-folks. Aliens have been shown to have faith in many real and fake gods but their ways are too christian.

The director also failed to imagine touch screen small handheld devices. All the gadgets show in the show are just too big and tacky.

Black ops military personnel are mostly seen in lose pants and joking around. Scientists are seen to be coming up physical laws bending theories pretty much everyday. Archaeologists take only a few minutes to decipher ancient and alien text.

I have watched all ten seasons and have grown to to respect the lighter side of this sci-fi show. I am going to need another blog post for a more positive review.