Vincent Von Gogh’s Incompetency.

Vincent Von Gogh was the most celebrated artist and painter of last century. He lived life of extreme mental and physical agony. He had to live off his brother as people of his time failed to recognize his brilliance. He was mentally unstable. He often use to visit brothels. A recent article on New Yorker suggest that he had feelings of incompetency. It is not very clear but either he cut his ear lobe and presented to a prostitute or his house mate, another legendary painter did it but they hid it from public to maintain bravado of Von Gogh. Not that Von Gogh was a brave person but he liked to think so.

It is very curious, why do we fall for this cycle of low-self-esteem and then some work hard to overcome it and other live in misery. Is their an end to this misery? I would like to think so. Their is no absolute end to it. It almost seems to me that world was created to criticize you. It arises out of deep feeling of self hatred. Anything you do outside will be criticized. A point can be achieved in yourself where you can retreat back to yourself. All actions after this point are worthless.