X-Men – The First Class.

Conflict is the beginning of all things. X-Men The First Class begins in midst of professor Xavier’s theory of peaceful existence, Magneto’s suspicion of human reciprocity and Sebastian Shaw’s evil nature. Young Charles Xavier meets future Mystic to form a not so life-long alliance of friendship and mutual appreciation. On same hemisphere mother rage gives birth to Magneto. Charles Xavier is approached by an FBI agent in his tipsy moments to help her locate what her boss assumed to be a petty magician. Telepathic Xavier touches her memory and gasping the sensitivity offers his help to find out an alliance of good and evil in formation. He uses FBI’s fringe division’s help to find and convince other mutants to share his goal of peaceful existence. Nazi Doctor helps growth of cold war suspicion in the communists and the capitalists to initiate a world war. Charles Xavier’s newly formed X-Men team is attacked. He helps his team to overcome their inhibitions and realize their power to prepare for forthcoming war. X-Men First Class is a film about people finding their own roles and places in this unfamiliar world.

Young Charles Xavier was not hesitant to uses his cuteness and intelligence mixed with his telepathic powers to woo girls at bar. He understands his responsibilities and have unquestionable faith in his ways and goodwill. His ability to see things make him Yoda in X-Men world. He did not make choices for people, he let them choose. He let his best friends let go on their own path. He not only read minds but empathized with people. James Andrew McAvoy has done a great work; he has looks and deep eyes expected in a visionary like Prof X.

Sebastian Shaw is a thin, long, size-zero, fat-starved, clean, and suited with slicked hair pale Nazi doctor. If Mother Rage gave birth to Magneto, he will have to his father. It was left to viewer’s discretion to figure out where he got his powers from. He was a geneticist, though. He made an army of mutants to help him serve evil. They thought his evil world was beautiful. I do not have a lot to say about the brutal Nazi doctor because he led his life based on anticipation of worst. I think as a human we have infinite choices and we are responsible to them in our own world. Kevin Bacon has done marvelous roles , this one is another great role in his bag of big movies.

Michael Fassbender, Inglorious bastard’s Lt. Archie Hicox, plays Magneto. Magneto was born on the day when his mother was killed by Sebastian shaw. His inherent talent to control metal is powered by his anger. He has no memory of good times. Xavier helps him get a good memory and reminds him true power lies between rage and serenity.

Raven is another consistent character and love of magneto. The biggest misfortune of men is to look for acceptance in other men’s eyes. Raven or later Mystic is a blue colored shape shifter who could become the most beautiful of women but tragedy is she thinks she is the goddess of ugliness running in clothes of goddess of beauty. Was she friend of Prof X or a secret lover of Prof X. What turned her into a rebel? Probably not much appreciation by Prof X which he hold to himself.

Hank McCoy or Beast played by Nicholas Hoult. What have we learned if not learned to accept and correct our mistakes. This is story of a young MIT prodigy who is in quest to make himself free from physical aspects of his mutation but rounded up to become an intelligent ape.

X-men The First Class is going to be a good refresher after poor performance of Jack Sparrow, their should be captain somewhere, and Hangover. The film is a perfect mixture of action and philosophy. I have to confess the funniest part of film was a cameo by Huge Jackman.